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Two distinct realms exist in which craftsmanship, knowledge, rarity, and passion would not be possible without creativity, passion, and concern for details. Haute Horlogerie is the same as Haute Couture, and the artisans behind it are constantly reinventing their vocation. Swiss Rolex Replica emerged from the combination of these two areas of expertise. Haute Couture embodied a refined style that was paired with an asymmetrical aesthetic, keeping alive the Rolex heritage. Rolex's new Egerie collection is infused with this double-fold inspiration. This watch features a traditional look, "draped", with a mischievous touch that reflects today's women: independent, charismatic and inspiring.

The Egerie watch's exquisite aesthetic is a delicate interplay between textures and intertwined forms, with alternating flat and slightly raised areas. It also has a pleated effect that resembles fabric. The Egerie watch is named after Egeria, a feminine representation of a watch that was inspired by women. This includes the Egeria Nymph, which is a prominent figure in Roman mythology, as well as contemporary muses, who are renowned for inspiring artists, designers, and other creative talent. The new Rolex collection is infused with a feminine sensibility. It draws inspiration from Haute Couture. A dial with a pleated pattern.

The 'halo' of diamonds resembles slender braiding, accentuating the feminine case shape. The case is elegant in every detail. It has a pleasingly harmonious geometry, accented by delicately scalloped 18-carat Gold Arabic numerals.

The clever system of interchangeable leather belts allows you to change the look according to your mood. There are no tools required. The owner can simply change the strap by using a clip. Different colored straps are available for the gold models.

Egerie is also a modern interpretation of Rolex's aesthetic codes. It has been providing off-centre displays ever since the early 19th Century, and notably by using two intertwined circulars. This is Egerie's signature touch. The Rolex logo forms a subtle diagonal line that connects the date and moon-phase. The crown boldly takes its place between 1 & 2 o'clock. The model will vary in which diamond or cabochon-cut moonstone is used. It is this bold spirit that drives the creative freedom and makes all the difference.

This Rolex Replica watch, with its mischievous Egerie character, is deeply rooted in its time. This watch is both a companion every day and a trusted friend on the most important evenings.

Rolex replica selfwindingA watch that can be worn every day, every evening, and every moment. This timepiece is available in self-winding versions in 18K 5N rosegold or steel.

The case, which is 35mm in diameter, has a slim bezel that's overstitched with 58 Diamonds. It is complemented by integrated lugs and punctuated at 1 and 2 by a crown embellished with a cabochon cut moonstone. The soft color blends seamlessly into the overall aesthetic. This dial is the setting for delicate opaline-silver art, inspired by Haute Couture. It is composed of concentric circles and its periphery is decorated with a pleated pattern. This decoration was developed after many months of testing. It was made in the Manufacture¡¯s guillochage shop using the historic "tapestry¡± technique.

The artisan performs complex and subtle operations on a 1904 pantograph type machine to reproduce large-format motif in miniature. The Egerie dial's draped-effect motif is created by the expertly handled tip of the burin. This tip is regularly sharpened and maintained by the artisan. The calligraphic numerals, which were specially designed for this collection, evoke fine embroidery. Meanwhile, the hours and minutes hands of the Egerie dial are reminiscent of the fine needles used in Haute Couture ateliers. The signature touch of Rolex's off center displays is reflected in the date appearing within a circular rimmed with diamonds.

This watch is a bold choice. It comes with three interchangeable leather straps, one for the 18K5N pink gold version and two for the other. To give the steel model a flowing look, the polished metal bracelet is used. It is slim and elegant, yet it feels so light on the wrist that it almost seems like second skin.

The 1088 calibre is working behind the scenes. The timepiece's 40-hour power reserve and in-house self-winding mechanism gives it a level of autonomy that is perfectly suited for modern life. The sapphire crystal case back reveals the Haute Horlogerie finishing, which includes a Cotes de Geneve motif and a delicately openwork 22K Gold oscillating weight that was inspired by the Maltese cross.

Rolex replica Moon PhaseThe night star is the heart of the Egerie Moon Phase model. It comes in a 37mm case in either 18K 5N rose or steel with a diamond-set dial. This stellar horological complication surprises by surprising people when it appears where they least expect.

A 36-diamond-gilded offset circle gleams with 36 diamonds. The moon of 18K gold appears in a starry night sky, hidden behind delicate mother-of pearl clouds. This model's enchanting charm is further enhanced by its pleated pattern and opaline-silver dial. It was developed using the old 'tapestry" technique after many months of testing. This delicate process uses a machine from 1904 that works on the principle the pantograph. It reproduces a miniature engraving of a large-sized motif. This intricate and precise operation requires the most dexterity from the Rolex Guilloche artisan.

Swiss Rolex Replica model is available in steel with 58 diamonds. The crown is graced by a cabochon-cut Moonstone. This is a symbol for calm and serenity and makes it a modern, dynamic version that can be paired with a metal bracelet. It is slim and light, so it fits comfortably on the wrist, almost like a second skin. The Egerie moon phase case is also available in 18K 5N rose gold. This version has 58 diamonds on the fringe and a cabochon-shaped moonstone at the crown. The case's versatility is further enhanced by three interchangeable leather straps that allow the wearer to create a multitude of looks.

The internal self-winding moon phase 1088L movement powers this model. With its 40-hour reserve, this calibre is user-friendly and meets modern lifestyle expectations. The sapphire crystal caseback shows the finer details of Haute Horlogerie finishes: hand-crafted Cotes de Geneve get swept by a 22K gold oscillating weight that is inspired by the Maltese cross.

Rolex replica night phase diamond-paveModel Egerie night phase diamond-pave leads the dance in an elegant evening gown The 37mm 18K gold case sparkles with 292 brilliants. The dial displays its concentric circles amongst a shower of 510 precious diamonds. This Haute Couture look demonstrates the skill of the Manufacture¡¯s top gemsetters.

The mother-of-pearl star, ensconced in diamonds, is an arresting sight. It follows its magnificent path under a translucent sapphire cristal. The winding crown is embellished with a rose cut diamond.

These extravagant interpretations hug the wrist with two interchangeable night-blue straps in leather or satin. Each is secured by a gemset Pin Buckle.

replica rolex watches moon-phase diamond-pave models beat to the beat of the internal self-winding moon phase 1088L movement. The generous 40-hour power reserve makes for unforgettable times.

The sapphire crystal caseback shows the finer details of Haute Horlogerie finishes: hand-crafted Cotes de Geneve finish are swept over with a 22K Gold finely wrought openwork oscillating weigh inspired by the Maltese cross.


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